Last week a window of opportunity came to me to make a family photoshoot in Scheveningen. Even if based in Amsterdam, I cannot miss such shooting opportunities. Especially when you get to know that two golden retrievers will be accompanying them 🙂 Jokes aside, you can always count on me even if you are in need of a photoshopping outside Amsterdam.

Family Photoshoot in Scheveningen, Netherlands by Dorin Ciobanu Photographer..

Jonna contacted me via Instagram and told me about her plans to travel to Scheveningen together with her family and their dogs on a vintage VW T1 car. Given the outset, she thought of the need to capture these moments and thus a photoshooting came to her mind. This is where I come into the picture. Since I am a big fan of vintage cars, especially VW T1, I got excited really fast. It sounded like a dreamy photoshoot with a beautiful family, two golden retrievers, and one of my most favorite cars.

Family Photoshoot in Scheveningen, Netherlands by Dorin Ciobanu Photographer..

More obvious than not, the first idea that got to my mind was to organize the photoshoot on the beach. In a matter of minutes I started thinking of how would the perfect spot look like. To add a few challenges to this task, I got to know that in Scheveningen you are not allowed to drive with your car on the beach. This got me disappointed but not for too long. I found a solution that might just work with what I had in mind. Not completely safe and on a verge of a fine, we found a spot not too close to the sea but still pretty enough for a shooting. The results speak for themselves 🙂

p.s: the cutter the dog, the more difficult it gets to capture their attention. Especially when talking about a huuuge beach and a nine months old puppy 🙂

To see the whole photoshoot, click here.