Weddings look better in Amsterdam photography. This amazing city offers the best sceneries for each couple, whether you dream of a romantic album or a nonconformist one. This and my photography style make a great match for memorable pictures. What is my secret? I invest passion in this hobby and I’m a very creative photographer. My goal is to make customers happy and make them recall their memories through captured moments as they were yesterday. Discover my wedding portfolio and let’s do some magic together!

Love… oh, love! Every couple I worked with during my career taught me that every moment spent with your significant one is precious. Live every second as if it’s the last, laugh with passion and make amazing memories! Taking pictures to couples showed me that love doesn’t age and it is unique. If you are looking for some inspiration, here is my Amsterdam photography! Discover my albums and request a photo shoot. I promise we will so much have fun!


Let me capture your beautiful personality! Whether you want urban or nature-based images, together we can come up with something unique. I like my models to feel good in their skin and that’s’ why I don’t force them to dress up in a particular way or pose uncharacteristically for them. A fun and relaxing photoshoot is the secret of amazing Amsterdam photography. Feel free to discover my portrait pictures and meet the story my amazing models told me through their pictures.


If Amsterdam is not the perfect city for stunning lifestyle photos, then don’t call me Dorin Ciobanu! Bring on your best outfit and let’s rediscover together how many things this city has to offer. We can walk down the streets, visit your favourite coffee shop or check some of the most popular buildings. I have more than 8 years of experience, so I know plenty of spots that could suit your personality. Meet me and tell me more about you! Your lifestyle pictures will look amazing through my lenses.

23rd May-4th of June in Amsterdam
1st-7th of March in Amsterdam