Event/Corporate Photography

Events photography might be the most challenging style for any professional. Regardless we talk about a conference, a sports competition, a wedding, or a workshop, a good photographer has to be always ready to capture the best details. In other words, an events photographer just has to wait for that moment of glory. I truly believe that not any photographer is ready to take shots at a big event. Experience is very important in the economy of a great portfolio. A professional learns during his career how to feel the right moment for a new shot, he learns how to anticipate what is going to happen. I have more than 8 years of experience in the events photography, and I must admit that I still meet challenges every single time.

Now let’s talk about the type of pictures I take. I always make a photography plan before any event because this helps me make sure my portfolio will be dynamic and versatile. I take wide shots, but always get closer to my subjects and try to capture their emotions. People usually like to see themselves in action. The truth is this kind of event pictures are more natural and express their feelings without coverage. This includes the interactions between people. I always meet interesting characters who know how to make themselves noticed. At weddings, there are always people who’ve got the moves and heat the dance floor. If we talk about corporate photography, things are a little bit more complicated, but there’s always someone who makes my camera fall in love. Last, but not the least, I always zoom in even more so I can capture the details. All these pictures together are the secret for a great portfolio.

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Now that you’ve discovered some things about me and my event photography style, it’s time to meet and tell me more about you! I’m dedicated, and I love what I do. I don’t say I’m the professional you are looking for, but I can infer my pictures and my story made you curious. It’s important to vibe with the photographer you choose. This is the only way you’ll get the results you are hoping for. This is why you must know that I usually prefer warm colors, and I only use my own presets. I’m based in Amsterdam, but we can meet wherever in the Netherlands, or anywhere in this beautiful world.

Event/Corporate photography


1 Hour

70+ Edited digital pictures

Images delivered within 1 day

For each extra hour 150€(+50 edited photos)

Excl. travel cost, exl. BTW