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As a portrait photographer, I always have a few highlights in mind.

The expression is the only way a model can communicate thoughts and feelings through pictures. Our faces share our emotions. Expressions can be subtle or extreme, but they are the secrets for good pictures. The eyes are indeed the windows to our souls, but our expressions open the door. As a portrait photographer, I always tell my models to feel natural and ignore there’s a camera following them.


Every professional photographer knows that Light and Shadow are Yin and Yang in portrait photography. Together they make any picture look more interesting. On the one hand, light is essential for taking a very good picture. On the other hand, shadows are my friend just because they emphasise the light and define the edges. In other words, shadow defines my subjects. This is why it’s very important to set up the best hour for the photo shooting, to choose the right place, and always be aware of the sun.


I usually take environmental portraits, which is why I have to take care to always connect my models with a location, creating something that goes beyond a standard portrait. It’s a real challenge to find the best places if you want to deliver the best results, but it’s worth it. This is why I love to travel. There’s always a place where I can do magic with my camera.


Do you agree that we live in a very visual world? How you present yourself can be as important as how you do your job or conduct your business. Professional portraits can help you better relate to your clients and partners and present your business story and values. Join me for a personal branding photoshoot and I will help you express your professional intentions through some outstanding business headshots.

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If you are looking for a portrait photographer, contact me and tell me more about you. Discover my portfolio and find out if my photography style suits you. I love photo shootings set up in natural lighting, and this is why I know so many places where we can take some good shots. Also, you must know that my pictures are edited with exclusive presets, and I use to go for warm colours. In other words, all you have to do is to have fun and express yourself naturally.

I’m Dorin Ciobanu, nice to meet you!

Portrait/Business/Personal Branding Package

-Up to 1 hour

-30 edited digital pictures

-pictures delivered on an online gallery

-suitable for 1 person

-excl. travel costs outside of Amsterdam



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18th-26th July in Milan, Portofino | 3rd-11th August in Amsterdam
1st-7th of March in Amsterdam