As a professional photographer, few a weeks ago I had a great opportunity to  collaborate with Australian team  Nomad Film & TV. I met their director Chris accidentally, through instagram. Chris was in Den Haag for a few weeks on his holiday. If you haven’t heard about The Hague, the city is placed by the sea, south to Amsterdam. I’m working as a professional photographer there.  More information about Den Haag you can find on the city guide, witch by the way, has my photo on its cover for this year.

Chris was looking for some video ideas and he asked me about  great spots and any other tips about the city.  I had a photoshoot in the following days, so we decided to meet each other and do something great together. First of all, we met in city centre, where we found a vintage abandoned ice cream bus. This bus fitted perfectly with our idea and our coloristic style.

It was a nice weather outside and an amazing light that day, so we decided to go in Scheveningen on the beach. I had two locations in my mind, first one was De Pier and the second one was the avenue along the beach. Before that, Chris never went in Scheveningen, a destination you must visit if you visit Den Haag. When we got there, we took a few photos on the avenue and then we went to De Pier. I had the idea to come up on the big tower used for rope jumping.

Backstage of video for Dorin Ciobanu Photographer

An amazing  view opened up! On one side we had the Ferris Wheel and the Scheveningen beach while on the another side, the infinite sea. I have to mention that all this is right above the water. This location is very special, and I really recommend visiting it.

Finally we finished our working day! We all enjoyed the sunny weather in late October! We also enjoyed the good vibes that followed us the whole day. In the end we decided to have some drinks together at a terrace and check the early results of what we just did.

In just a few weeks Chris sent me the backstage video witch you can see below.