Teo and Adreas

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Couple photoshoot in Damrak

This is probably my signature photoshoot from Amsterdam. Every time I’m looking at it, I love it more and more. These pictures were published by the largest couple communities on Instagram. It was on BelovedStories and on AuthenticLoveMag.

I used my new preset and I’m in love with these colors. Of course I’m thankful also to Teo and Andreas - the couple in these pictures. They followed the “What to wear guide” and came prepared for the photoshoot.

This is very important, as I’m always coordinating outfits with the locations. Imagine if they would have worn other colors like red or green. The result would have been completely different.

So, we agreed on the location and we chose Damrak. It’s one of the most instagrammable spots in Amsterdam. I would also say the most iconic place. All of the postcards from Amsterdam are from this place.

Usually, it is super crowded and I know going there at rush hour is not a good idea. But the pandemic period offered us an opportunity to have Amsterdam empty and we went straight there.

We met each other through Instagram. They are from Romania, but have been living in Amsterdam for a long time. As you know I’m from Moldova, that’s next to Romania. We speak the same language and it was super easy to get that connection.

We had a great time during the photoshoot and guess what, we became friends!

The result you can see below, hope you will love it!

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