Black and White romance

Black is timeless, don’t you think so?

To be honest, it's also my favorite color. As a couple photographer in Barcelona I had the luck to capture Anthony and Eghenyas's love story. When I learned that the color palette for their couple photoshoot would be black, I couldn't have been happier. The modern villa location in Barcelona perfectly complemented their outfits. White walls served as a stunning backdrop, and the interplay of shadows elevated my creativity.

As a couple photographer, shooting in direct light isn't my usual preference—perhaps a sentiment shared by many photographers—these stylish sunglasses inspired me to embrace experimentation. As a couple photographer in Barcelona, I've learned to embrace the unexpected, allowing it to weave its magic into every frame. The result? A visual symphony that transcends time and space, immortalising Anthony and Evghenya's bond in a timeless embrace.

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