Couple photographer in London

London is famously known for its 'great weather,' and I had the unique opportunity to experience it firsthand – with a bit of humor, of course! As a couple photographer, my journeys have brought me to London for various love stories, and one of them unfolds on this page. Before you delve into this gallery, allow me to share a bit about the adventure.

Being an inherently optimistic person who relishes challenges, I found myself facing one in London – a photoshoot in the rain! Fortunately, this sweet couple placed full trust in me, and there was no need to convince them that a couple photoshoot in the rain, on the streets, amid construction, would look exceptionally cool!

Cristina's outfit served as inspiration, and I felt that this location would be a perfect match for the photoshoot. I'm confident that these pictures stand out from the rest, creating a memorable experience. In essence, if you were to ask me as a couple photographer for the best recipe for a unique photoshoot, my answer would always be: Escape the ordinary!

1st-7th of March in Amsterdam
1st-7th of March in Amsterdam