This photoshoot took me to the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, fulfilling a dream of capturing moments on a black sand beach in the Canary Islands on Tenerife. Out of all the couple photographers in Tenerife, this sweet couple chose me, and as they shared their ideas, I instantly envisioned the perfect location.

Tenerife is a paradise for a couple photographer, offering diverse landscapes that every photographer dreams of ā€“ from different beaches with unique scenery to mountains, cliffs, and the iconic volcano in the middle of the island.

I invite you to relish this couple photoshoot featuring Max and Eliza, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Playa de Benijo. This place is truly magical; as you approach the towering cliffs, you can feel its energy!

Although the sun didn't grace us with its presence that day, the cloudy weather added a special vibe to the black sand beach photoshoot. As a couple photographer in Tenerife, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to get to know all these sweet couples and have the privilege of capturing their unique love stories in such locations!

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