Wedding day in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, Eric and Catarina's wedding day unfolded with love against the iconic Erasmus Bridge. As their wedding photographer in the Netherlands, I captured the magic of the day starting in their apartment with a view of the bridge. The festivities continued at Rotterdam City Hall for a heartfelt civil ceremony, followed by an enchanting church ceremony where Eric, a rock singer, surprised Catarina with a heartfelt serenade.

The celebration moved to the wedding party, where Eric's rock performance with Catarina electrified the atmosphere. As their dedicated photographer, I documented the dynamic energy and joy of this segment. Post-ceremonies, a captivating photoshoot through Rotterdam's streets, accompanied by an old vintage cabrio, added a touch of classic romance to their love story.

Being part of Eric and Catarina's wedding day was a journey through laughter, music, and the timeless allure of love. As their wedding photographer, I aimed to craft a visual story that encapsulated the essence of a day filled with genuine moments, surprises, and the extraordinary magic that makes each wedding an unforgettable chapter in the grand story of life.

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