Pre-wedding photoshoot in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a city of timeless beauty and captivating charm, was the perfect backdrop for Min See and Petrick’s enchanting pre-wedding photoshoot. With the warm, golden glow of the setting sun bathing the couple in a soft, romantic light, the photos captured the essence of their love and the magic of the city.

I had the privilege of working with this lovely couple from Singapore, who had traveled halfway around the world for their dream pre- wedding photoshoot. We chose the picturesque streets and canals of Amsterdam as our canvas, using the city's unique character and rich history to create a stunning backdrop for their romantic portraits.

Despite being thousands of miles away from home, the couple radiated this fun and adventurous side to them, perfectly complementing the beauty of their surroundings. Their relaxed and easy-going nature made them an absolute joy to work with, and I was honored to be able to capture their love in these breath-taking photographs.

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23rd May-4th of June in Amsterdam
1st-7th of March in Amsterdam