-Amsterdam, Netherlands-

Sarah and Ruben

In my eyes, autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in Amsterdam. Despite all the rain, the city manages to preserve its magic. In fact, I think Amsterdam is best represented in the colors of this season. This also means - it's time for authentic photoshoots :)

Last days I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah and Ruben. A funny and cute couple. From the first minute I met them, I felt some sort of special energy. When people are open-minded, positive, and easygoing, my imagination and creativity suddenly turn on 200%. The results? You can see them for yourself.

This one brings a special excitement and a proud sentiment. Rather than reading all about it, please see it with your own eyes!

The locations I used for the photoshoot are "Magere Brug" - one of the oldest and most famous bridges in Amsterdam, and Reguliersgracht - a street that led our way to the beautiful cafe where we had our dinner.

Hope you enjoy what you see :)