Cristina and Nevin

Amsterdam, Netherlands

tulip fields photoshoot

Tulip field photoshoot in Netherlands

Did you know that tulips are actually not from The Netherlands? These beauties have in fact originated in the mountains of Kazakhstan, where an Ottoman sultan first saw them and fell in love. But after the tulip was brought to Holland in the 16th century, it spread all over The Netherlands, and we are all very glad it did because every spring we get to enjoy the amazing Dutch tulip fields and have the most beautiful tulip field photoshoots! Am I right?

Cristina, a fellow photographer, reached out some time ago on Instagram and we kept in touch. She came to visit her boyfriend Nevin in The Netherlands, and it was a good occasion to see each other again - this time, for a photoshoot with Nevin in the tulip fields. I had a day off and did not hesitate! I usually do not lack confidence when it comes to my work, but knowing that I have to take photos of a photographer makes me feel a tad uneasy. It’s not the criticism I fear, but I don’t like letting people down. So I just had to plan everything down to the T. We scheduled to meet at sunset when the light is at its best.

I came early to the tulip farm to explore and try to find the prettiest spots.

Sunset in spring in the Netherlands flower fields can be magical! We had the most wonderful day - biking through the tulip fields, admiring how different tulips grow, bathing in the sun (despite the weather forecast saying it might rain), having so much fun. In the end, both Cristina and Nevin were happy with the result, and I was reassured that if someone chooses me as their photographer (even if that someone is a fellow photographer), they already like what I do and trust me, and I should just deliver on my work and that’s that.

So here you go, some tulip photography for you - enjoy the gallery!

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