Wedding day at Orangerie Elswout

Ladies and gentlemen, let me proudly present Julia and Tom—the esteemed recipients of the coveted 'Funniest and Craziest Couple of 2023' award! As their entrusted wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing the essence of their extraordinary wedding day at Orangerie Elswout.

When I say "funniest," I mean an abundance of genuine joy and merriment that unfolded throughout their wedding day. Don't take my word for it—explore the gallery and witness the laughter, the love, and the unforgettable moments frozen in time through the lens of my camera.

And here's a little insider's tip: Tom, the charismatic groom, crafts his own Limoncello, and let me tell you, it's a personal favorite of mine—Cheers to Tom's homemade delight, a delightful addition to their celebration!

The wedding day was a splendid tapestry of colours and emotions, anchored by the tutti-frutti theme. As your dedicated wedding photographer in Amsterdam, I ensured that every vibrant hue, every tender glance, and every lively detail were meticulously captured, immortalising the unique charm of their special day.

Imagine a kaleidoscope of lemons and oranges—these citrusy accents perfectly embodied the vivacious spirit of the event, a visual symphony that I skillfully translated into captivating photographs. Each frame in the gallery is a testament to the love and laughter that defined Julia and Tom's wedding day, a day I had the privilege of witnessing and preserving through the lens of my camera.

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