Dina and Nick

Antwerp, Belgium

Wedding day in Antwerp

You all probably know that I'm an Amsterdam based photographer. But I’m always ready to travel anywhere for a wedding. I’m super excited to go for new wedding destinations especially if it’s outside of the Netherlands.

I was invited by Nick and Dina to be their wedding photographer in Antwerp. It’s a great city in Belgium, right at the border with the Netherlands.

I couldn’t say no and I accepted it right away. They chose a unique wedding location, it’s called Flinckheuvel. It’s an old farm, part of the castle of Gravenwezel, only a couple of minutes away from Antwerp.

I arrived there earlier to make sure I will not miss anything. I started with taking pictures of details and then Nick arrived and I took a few photos of him with his friends.

Both of them were nervous because they didn’t see each other. With a bit of fun and some jokes I tried to calm down the spirits.

In my opinion, this is the best way to start wedding photography, when the groom and the bride are getting ready separately and then the first look is only at the ceremony.

I can capture way more emotions and feelings because in that moment they forget about absolutely everything and they see only each other. It’s a very emotional moment, even for me sometimes. Haha…

We did the same at their wedding and you can see the result below, but firstly let me tell you a bit about their love-story.

Dina and Nick met each other at the Tomorrowland Festival and since that day they have been together! To be honest it sounds like a movie story, but this is real!

Knowing that they met at the festival, I was expecting a crazy wedding party with a lot of dancing, and guess what, it happened. After the dinner, they cut the cake and the party immediately started.

I have been to many weddings but this one will stay in my mind forever! We had a lot of fun together. Even me, a wedding photographer, was dancing with them.

Hope you will enjoy this gallery!


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