Wedding day at restaurant De Kas

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jessica and Sebastian ā€“ the radiant couple whose wedding story I had the pleasure of capturing as a wedding photographer in the Netherlands.

Opting to forgo the traditional getting ready and first look, they embarked on a day beginning with a relaxed wedding photoshoot in the heart of Amsterdam, a city that holds a special place in their love story, despite both residing in London.

Fortune smiled upon us with a sunny day, a relief for me as a wedding photographer in the Netherlands, where rain can be a bit of a nemesis, admittedly, haha.

For their celebration, Jessica and Sebastian chose the exceptional Restaurant De Kas, nestled in the heart of Amsterdam. Not just your average wedding venue, it's a Michelin Star restaurant! De Kas exudes a unique vibe, making it a perfect choice for a wedding day in

Amsterdam. I particularly love the concept of the greenhouse, flooding the space with natural light and adding a distinctive touch to their special day. A wedding in a greenhouse is not an everyday sight, and it certainly added an extra layer of charm to this already beautiful celebration!

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23rd May-4th of June in Amsterdam
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