Marcel and Veronica

Castel mimi, MOLDOVA

You might already know that I'm originally from Moldova, a lovely Eastern European country known for its wines. The wedding showcased in these photos brought me, a wedding photographer from the Netherlands, back to my hometown, Chisinau, Moldova.

The festivities unfolded at Mimi Castle, the prestigious winery of the Mimi family, ranking among Europe's top 10 most beautiful wineries since its 2011 renovation. This gem features a captivating castle, 300,000 liters of wine, and a restaurant with a breathtaking all-glass 360-degree viewā€”an ideal wedding location, don't you think?

I first met Marcel and Veronica a year before their wedding, right at the spot where Marcel later proposed. By the way, if you ever find yourself in Moldova with your significant other, this would be an extraordinary wedding destination! Moldovan weddings are grand, and although they often extend into the late hours, as you can see in the pictures, the time and effort invested in photography was entirely worthwhile.

Returning to Moldova for Marcel and Veronica's wedding at Mimi Castle, as a wedding photographer from the Netherlands, was truly special. The castle's charm, the couple's love, and the beautiful surroundings created a perfect setting. Being part of unique celebrations like this, where love knows no boundaries, is something I cherish. Cheers to Marcel and Veronica for a beautiful day captured in the heart of Moldova!

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