Wedding day at Slot Zeist

Anne and Galbin's wedding day at Slot Zeist was a truly remarkable occasion, and I had the privilege of being their wedding photographer in Utrecht.

Anne looked absolutely stunning in her exquisite wedding dress as she made her way to the courtyard, where Galbin awaited her with eager anticipation. It was a moment filled with love and excitement, and I couldn't help but share in their emotions as I captured their first look. Galbin, being a sentimental soul, couldn't hold back his tears, and I, too, found myself tearing up behind the camera, although I managed to hide it with a chuckle.

Their love story was a testament to the enduring power of love, and it was an honor to document each heartfelt moment of their wedding day. From the emotional exchange of vows in the castle's enchanting chapel to the heartwarming speeches during the reception, every detail was carefully preserved through my lens.

The picturesque rooms of Slot Zeist provided a breathtaking backdrop for intimate and romantic photos of Anne and Galbin. Their love was palpable, and capturing it was an emotional and beautiful experience for me as their wedding photographer.

Throughout the day, laughter and tears filled the air as friends and family celebrated this incredible couple. Slot Zeist's historic charm added an extra layer of enchantment to the festivities, making it a day that Anne, Galbin, and their loved ones would cherish forever.

As their wedding photographer, I not only documented their special day but also became a part of their cherished memories. Anne and Galbin's love story was one for the ages, and being there to capture it was a privilege that I will always treasure.

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