Joschem and Noemi

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Winter photoshoot in Amsterdam

For me, as an Amsterdam based photographer February is the worst month of the year. It’s raining a lot, it’s cold and it’s always dark. But not this year! Even if we are in total lockdown and we have a curfew from 21:00-4:30, this February started on the right tone. We had lots of sun, nice temperature and last Sunday we woke up in Wonderland. All night was snowing and in the morning everything was white.

Luckily, I scheduled a photoshoot on Sunday morning with these two cuties Noemi and Jochem. Frankly, it was quite a challenge to get to the city center because I couldn't ride my bike, transport didn’t work and no one here has winter tires for the cars. So Amsterdam gets really stacked! Somehow I got there by car. I couldn't cancel it. I was just too excited.

I met them and we started the photoshoot right away! Jochem and Noemi were very relaxed and chill. I managed to capture pure emotions and we had a lot of fun together.

We started at Keizersgracht Street. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful streets for a photoshoot in Amsterdam. There are the most beautiful bridges and canals. Then we went to Nine Streets, this area is popular for a lot of authentic shops, bars, and restaurants. All of them one the nine parallel streets.

I tried to be very quick and productive because the snowstorm was still on. Who lives in Amsterdam knows that the wind here is not joking at all. We finished our photoshoot in just 30 minutes because we already got cold but I'm really happy with the result and I will love to share this story with you.


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