As a professional photographer, I couldn’t help but notice that there is always a square or a street with a breathtaking view just around the corner in Amsterdam.

I fell in love with this place and the best way I can express my admiration for its beauty is through photography.

The Amsterdam Photography scene is a gift that keeps on giving. Personally, I love getting lost in this city, discover hidden gems, and capture glimpses of the urban life that pulsates in its own rhythm.

Here is a list of places in Amsterdam and its surroundings that I consider Instagram worthy:


Damrak is undoubtedly the most popular spot in Amsterdam. It’s iconic, easy to find, and of course – Instagrammable. I spent quite a lot of time in Damrak trying to figure out when and how I can shoot the best shots there.

For a perfect photoshoot of the famous Gingerbread houses and the river, I recommend going there early in the morning, right around sunrise.

The only downside to this place is that it is almost always crowded. The houses facing the canal are fairly close to the Central Station, which means you will almost always find tourists there.

Nine Streets

Negen Straatjes or “Nine Streets” is a popular shopping area in the heart of the Canal Belt. I consider this place ideal for portrait and couple photography as it has one of the most charming feels and an almost romantic atmosphere.

During the Holidays, the storefronts are bursting with decorations, lights, activity, which makes a great background for any kind of photography. Highly recommend taking holiday-themed pictures there.


Jordaan Streets are so unique and representative of the culture and the architecture of the Netherlands. Therefore, this one-of-a-kind place gives away the most authentic Amsterdam spirit.

The cafes, patios, street musicians, art galleries, and unique museums make up the perfect background for pictures. I love the flowers and the clinging greenery on the buildings and highly recommend visiting this neighborhood in the springtime.

Imagine the uniqueness of a couples photography session as you get lunch together or stroll through the city in the wisteria blooming season.

Amsterdam photographer Dorin Ciobanu.

One way or another, I bet that you stumbled upon Instagram posts with the iconic Hotel Zandaam in the background.

Zaandam is only a few stations away from Amsterdam. I find this place charming, and unusual. I would recommend it for the lifestyle or couple photoshoot.

I think your Instagram audience deserves a little splash of color and Zandaam delivers just that.

Family photoshoot in Zaanse Schans by Dorin Ciobanu
Zaanse Schans

First of all, this spot is free to visit. Second of all, this location is simply like a fairy-tale! The Windmills were initially built in the 1600s and faithfully reconstructed.

I find that this place gives up the sweetest, very traditional Dutch vibes that anyone will fall in love with irrevocably. Highly recommend it for a wedding, couple, or family photoshoot. 

Hope you found this information useful!

Your Amsterdam Photographer,

Dorin Ciobanu