This year comes with a surprise. Few weeks after we started working on our new year’s resolutions, we opened our eyes in quarantine. Lots of restrictions were imposed in a matter of days, almost all flights got canceled and all big cities  including Amsterdam transformed into ghost towns.

This story is about Eugen and Valeria. A couple where a 400km distance between Munich and Vienna wasn’t an obstacle. Prior to the lockdown, they got used to seeing each other almost every weekend. Now, quarantine turned everything upside down. For almost two and a half months, they are set apart as the border between Germany and Austria is closed.

Quarantine had an impact on me as a professional photographer as well. All my photo-shoots for this season in Amsterdam got canceled. As a result, I ended up having lots of free time and a continuous desire to work and caption some emotions. Meanwhile, I saw many photographers doing online face-time photoshoots. It is a good idea but it is too boring in my opinion. In the end, you get low-quality photos and no perfect angles. Both things being not acceptable for a professional photographer. If you call yourself a professional photographer, you must do photoshoots on your camera and share with your followers selective, original and, qualitative photos.

For this reason, I decided to do an online love story photoshoot. The question was how? I am in Amsterdam, Valeria in Vienna and, Eugen in Munich. It sounds impossible. Few days I was thinking with Cristina about this and finally an idea sparked. Two separated online photoshoots and then put photos nearby on an original background and take photos with my own camera. Sounds easy but in practice, it is more difficult than a real photoshoot! You do not have direct contact with your model which is very important. Also, the angle should be the same in both photos. Nonetheless, both Eugen and Valeria were alone in the house so no one could make that happen.

Somehow we did it. Two hours of work and collaboration. The first part was done. Now it is time to think about the decorations and the background. I went outside, took some flowers, leaves and worked on arranging the framing. After 30 minutes, I got what I wanted and I started editing.

The final result you can see below or on my Instagram!

Thank you for reading this article, hope you enjoyed it!

With love from Amsterdam Dorin Ciobanu!