A few weeks ago we just came back from Portugal. It was not our first time there but since we love that country so much I would go there every year. We flew from Amsterdam to Faro which I think is one of the best options for those living in Amsterdam or anywhere nearby.

On that day in Amsterdam, it was only 17C but Portugal met us warmly with 28C. Thus, if somebody tells you that flying to Portugal in October is too late, believe me, the end of September – beginning of October may actually be one of the best times to visit Portugal. The tourist season is almost over which makes the beaches not very crowded and prices for hotels and apartments much lower. For instance, we rented an apartment through Airbnb in Portimao with a 40% discount. It was a cozy one-bedroom apartment with a gorgeous opening towards the ocean right near Praia de Rocha.  I highly recommend this place for your vacation and for those that are interested – you can find more details here. Believe me, Ana is an amazing host!

To get to the apartment we drove by car which we rented at the airport. The drive was about 45 min. I am not a fan of driving every day when on vacation but for Portugal, if you really want to get a grasp of the country, you need to have one. Otherwise, you get stuck in one place.

On our first day, we just dropped our luggage right near the door and went out for lunch at the nearest restaurant. We were too eager to go to the beach so we decided not to be too picky about the place we are going to eat.

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After a day on the beach, we went up on the rocks to Cloque ao Mar Restaurant for dinner. It’s one of the best restaurants where I have ever been to. Tasty food with a view towards the ocean and the sunset. Goes without saying that we ate only seafood. Our most favorite choice was grilled dorado.

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The next day we took the car to visit Lagos, Praia do Camilo  and Ponta Da Piedade. Really amazing locations believe me!

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As we are professional photographers we had a photoshoot during the golden hour on the beach and then we came back to Portimao to our favorite restaurant.

On the third day, we had planned a small trip to Sarges. I am a surf lover and cannot miss the chance to surf in one of the best locations in the world.  I rented a surfboard and then we went to Praia do Tunel – a beautiful view opened in front of us. Big rocks and a tunnel between rocks to the beach. To be honest, there were much bigger waves than I expected, Cristina was a bit afraid 😃

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On the next day, we woke up early morning and went to Praia da Marihna. It was our last day in the south of Portugal. We spent half of the day there and then headed to Lisbon. I have an auntie there and she invited us. We planned a dinner at 20:00.  We arrived in Lisbon, had our lunch and then we explored the city. Regardless of how many times I go to Lisbon, I always have a good time there.

When the sun goes down we planned a photoshoot at one of the most famous bridges in Europe, Ponte 25 Abril. It was windy and it was a challenge to take good photos especially when you have a tripod instead of a photographer😃, but we managed!

Ponte 25 Abril

The next day we had a trip to Azenhas Do Mar. I’m not sure if you heard about this location. It’s not very popular but the view …. believe me – you will never regret going to this city.

Our adventure ended with dinner at my auntie since we had to catch an early flight the next day at 5:00 AM. We had a good trip and gathered nice experiences. We took a lot of photos and made sure we have a bunch of good memories. I insisted on taking photos with our cameras as opposed to selfies with our phone but after every trip, I keep on saying that I will not do it again 😃. The end result is rewarding but finding the perfect angle, setting the tripod, connecting the camera to your phone, and taking remote pictures is a true hustle.

Hope you enjoyed this short story about our trip. To have a better grasp, I also made a small video which you can see below.