I think I already told you that autumn is my favorite season in Amsterdam. Well, except for the rain 😃But I’m still in love with this part of the year. It gives some magic to this city and makes it seem like a dream.

The other day I met Mart and Jenifer, a cute and positive Dutch couple. They contacted me for a LoveStory photoshoot in Amsterdam. I can’t miss this opportunity and we arranged a photoshoot right away. It was their first photoshoot together and they were a bit confused that it will be super difficult to pose and get candid pictures full of emotions.

To be honest, most of my customers are doing their first photoshoot with me. My way of working is to be super friendly and positive. I’m trying to be a friend, to give a sense of freedom in front of the camera and I’m guiding always my clients, starting with what to wear and ending with how to stand in order to capture their best look.

They listened to my advice and turned out to be relaxed and happy. This made half of the work to be done.  I just had to guide them and capture moments. This part is easier for me as I did it a thousand times. If you want a good result, you should come in your best mood. For the rest I am responsible. Don’t expect too much if you come sad or you are not in the mood for a photoshoot on that day. I will try to do my best but your help is needed too.

We started taking pictures at Magere Burg. It’s one of the oldest bridges in Amsterdam, and I really love the area around it. It was a relaxing and funny walk, we talked about everything and laughed a lot.

The whole photoshoot you can see below. It’s definitely one of my favourites!

Hope you enjoyed this short story and you loved as well my work!

Your Amsterdam photographer,

Dorin Ciobanu