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Unique experience in Tulip Fields of The Netherlands

Holland is famous for many things, one of the most prominent being its gorgeous tulip fields. Tulips are in bloom in The Netherlands approximately from 25 March until 5 May. Countless fields of tulips and other flowers bloom right not far from Amsterdam in various colors ranging from white to pink, orange, dark violet… you name it. Would you like to experience this dream of color and make this a day to remember? Join me for a photoshoot in the Dutch tulip fields!

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Tulip fields in the Netherlands are private properties and accessing them is not allowed unless you have an agreement with the owner. As a photographer, I reach out to the owners to ask for permission for my clients and myself to be able to see this beauty up close and take photos. Knowing how much hard work goes into maintaining these fragile flowers and that the farmers owning the fields make their living out of selling them for a very short season, I kindly ask all my clients to be respectful of this work and refrain as much as possible from stepping on or plucking the flowers. Thank you for your understanding!




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