Tulip fields photoshoot

The Netherlands is famous for so many things. Starting with cheese and ending with the windmills, but the most iconic symbol of the Netherlands are tulips.

Everyone knows that the best tulips are growing up here, in The Netherlands. It’s one of the biggest tourist attractions, people from all around the world come just to see tulip fields. From the beginning of April until May in just 30Km from Amsterdam you have a chance to see the whole fields in blooming tulips. Belive me there are so many colours that you just can’t image.

Unfortunately because of the big flow of visitors almost all tulip fields are closed and access on the territory is restricted.

But I will make sure that your pictures will be in the best fields of The Netherlands. During my last years photoshoots I meet a couple of farmers which will allow me and my customers to go in for a photoshoot. 

But before we start I want to let you know a couple of things. We are not allowed to collect any flower from the field, we just taking pictures there, running, having fun... but the field should remain exactly the same after we left. If you want in the end you can buy flowers and bulbs but it’s strictly forbidden to take flowers from the fields without permission.

The second thing what you should know is that for the best result we should the photoshoot during the golden hour. If in the city you can hide after the buildings and trees there is an open space and sun it’s too bright during the day. I can manage any type of lights but if you want the best result I strongly recommend golden hour.

And the last thing I want to mention about are outfits. You can feel free always to ask me or to show outfits that you have in mind, I will be really happy to help you. But I just want to give you some tips for the outfits. White, beige, bright blue it’s always a good idea for the tulip fields, this colour we can combine with any colour of flowers, try to avoid black and and dark colours. Also I would say to not forget about the accessories like a nice summer hat, a silk scarf or a cart.

To make the photoshoot more authentic and memorable we can make even a small picnic in front of the fields. I’m really open to any ideas and I also can recommend a lot of things to make it a day to remember and even after many years while watching photos to recall these moments as it was yesterday.