As you know from the previous posts I know Ana since she moved to Amsterdam. Being a photographer in this city you meet a lot of new people every day and that’s why I love living here. We did a bunch of photoshoots together even a video once. You can see my first video here.

The last time I’m more and more interested in video but to improve my skills I need a lot of practice. Well, Amsterdam now is in lockdown, I don’t have so many customers as on normal days, this makes it a good time to learn new things.

I discussed it with Ana, told her my ideas about the video and she accepted it right away. I decided to do something unusual, something motivational and artistic. The main problem was that I knew how it should look in the end but didn’t know for sure how to proceed towards this result. We filmed a lot, all around the city, different angles, different ideas. I knew already that in the end, I could have some unusable material because of unfocusing or camera shaking. That’s why I tried to film more to have from where to choose. 

To be honest, in photography, if I have an idea in my mind I can transform it into a picture right away. It takes a few seconds to put the camera settings and a few seconds to capture it. That’s it, and I know exactly how to do it! With video it’s a bit more difficult, I put the camera settings. Then I try, see how it looks like, maybe repeat the process a few times, and in the end, I’m still not satisfied 100%. 

Of course, I can say now to all of you that it was easy and I’m a professional videographer but I want to be honest with you and let you see how my skills are developing.

More or less we did a good job. We took also a couple of pictures.

We also got lucky that Amsterdam was empty. It’s a totally different city. To make sure of this, I highly recommend watching the video.

Your Amsterdam Photographer,

Dorin Ciobanu