I’m a perfect mixture of fun times and trustworthy moments. The only wedding crasher you'll actually want around! I believe that every image should be infused with emotion, connection and beauty. I understand that building a strong connection with my clients is key to capturing photographs that truly reflect your unique spirit and style.

My passion for photography is deeply rooted in the inspiration I find in the world around us, from the majesty of new places to the intimacy of lovers with a true love connection. I'm based between Amsterdam, Lisbon and Barcelona but I’m always excited and willing to travel to wherever your love story takes you. It would be my pleasure to capture your most meaningful moments and create timeless images that will fill your heart with joy for years to come!

Meet your photographer!

Hey, I'm Dorin!

The ARTist behind the camera.

About my style

My photography style is characterised by its modern aesthetic with editorial touches and a romantic flair. I strive to create images that are not only visually stunning but also deeply evocative, transporting you back to the emotions and atmosphere of your wedding day every time you look at them.

With a keen eye for detail and an unobtrusive approach, I work tirelessly to document every aspect of your celebration, from the grandest moments to the smallest, most intimate gestures.Every laugh, every tear, and every tender glance exchanged between you is a treasure to be preserved forever. I believe that it's these candid, authentic moments that truly capture the essence of your love story.

Know me better

What i love

Why photography?

My way of working

I am definitely a doer - you name the activity that will get me up from my sofa and I am there. I cycle (big surprise, living in Amsterdam!), surf, skate, play volleyball etc.

I love travelling, I am both a beach and a mountain person (yes, one can be both!), and I dream of the day when I will by my off road camper or my motorcycle and I will be off to see the entire world.

When I close my eyes and try to think of something nice - that’s usually a summer night, after a long day of work, with a cold beer in my hand.

The lens of a camera captures everything - if you are nervous or feel awkward, it will be visible in the photos. This is why my main concern at a shoot is to make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and loose. We can adjust the lighting, the way you stand, the background - but nothing is as important as how you feel during the photoshoot.

As such, I am looking forward to getting to know you a bit, so we can establish a connection, become friendly and be able to share a joke, a laugh, and some good moments. If you trust me with that and are ready to set some of your feelings free before my lens, I promise to make these moments unforgettable (get it? :) ).

I think of myself as a relatively artistic person - having something inside (energy, a certain chi) that always pushes me to escape the ordinary, to look for alternative ways of viewing people and of making sense of life.

For over eight years now, I have strived to steer this energy into capturing emotions into photos. It’s definitely challenging and I am up for the challenge with every new photoshoot, but do you know that feeling when you look back at an old photo and remember the love, joy, pride you felt when it was taken, almost to the point of feeling it again? This is what I treasure.

What inspires me?

A foggy morning or bright red sunset, a shade or certain corner. I do find inspiration in many places but most of the time I find my inspiration when I see new things, new textures, new landscapes and new people.

Traveling definitely sparks my creativity! To be honest, there’s no other thing that makes me feel really excited like discovering the unknown. Each time I come back home from a vacation, my head is flooded with ideas and my camera roll is overflowing with pictures! It is more than just the scenery (even though they're awesome as well), it is the people I meet, the foods I taste, and the stories I discover in the process. Traveling is an eye opener that reminds me that inspiration is everywhere, one only needs to look.

If not photography then ?

I'm always asking myself what would do if not photography and my answer is always simple here. Definitely something creative, something I can express myself. Even the creative journey is not the easiest one, always with ups and downs I will still choose it.

Website and interior design was always interesting to me, I think one of these two could become easily a job. Additionally, the thought of being an architect also crossed my mind. The idea of shaping and crafting spaces sound exciting to me even now!

Meet the team

I am a filmmaker and colorist with 10+ years of experience in cinematography, color grading and editing. Working together with Dorin on several project, we discovered that our creative vision aligns, and we decided to establish a team.

Specialised in filmmaking, I am here to turn your love narrative into a hearty tale, from which the spirit of the day will leave and rest. I flourish on maintaining the real feel of every moment so that your memories are eternized keeping the essence and magnificence.

Other than weddings, I get to discover other storytelling avenues, enjoy creating promo videos, reaping the raw emotions of documentaries as well as adding a touch of flair to music videos. With a genuine love for creativity and an eye for the little things, I'm dedicated to bringing you visuals that not only dazzle but also touch hearts and linger in minds.